eWaste X Reality


The basics


  • Why should we focus on electronic waste?
  • What is ESG? Why is it important?
  • Why focus on Scope 3 emissions?
  • Why choose MobiCycle?
  • Why take a platform approach?
  • Why use a tech dashboard?

The term 'eWaste' refers to products that are unwanted, not working, and nearing or at the end of their useful life.

As the world's fastest growing waste stream, improperly discarded ewaste pollutes our air, soil, and water. Abandoned electronics contain precious metals. By some estimates, $62.5 billion-worth of value exists in discarded electronic items worldwide.

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance reporting standards.

Mandatory reporting of environmental risks will soon become a reality for your organization. You will be expected to report on greenhouse gas emissions from your activities, as well as your direct and indirect supply chain. The activities are broken down in to three "Scopes".

Scope 3 emissions represent purchased goods and services, capital goods, fuel and energy related activities, transportation and distribution, waste generated in operations, business travel, employee commuting, leased assets, processing of sold products, use of sold products, end of life treatment of sold products, franchises, and investments.60 - 80% of your greenhouse gas emissions fall under Scope 3. Most organizations do not report their Scope 3 emissions at all. Of those that do, most limit their Scope 3 reporting to business travel. One reason for the lack of reporting is due to the lack of data, or confusion over how to obtain the data and transform it into meaningful reporting.

MobiCycle is a for profit social enterprise headquartered in the United States.MobiCycle helps organizations adapt to and mitigate the negative impacts due to improperly managed eWaste. Risks include increased greenhouse gas emissionsbiodiversity loss, andsupply chain disruption.

Waste Brokers prioritize $$$MobiCycle prioritizes saving the planet - at a reasonable cost. Recycling Companies lack objectivityAs an independent third party, we bring transparency and accountability to your supply chain. Large Consultancies are too broad in scopeMobiCycle offers a niche focus on digital tech solutions for eWaste management.

MobiCycle's Platform includes dashboards for Consulting, Tech, Games and Marketing.

The complexity of eWaste, along with its impact on climate change, mean it can not simply be managed with ad hoc solutions. A platform approach can understand business processes and manage relevant data. The platform will also introduce applications to help you create the data. As a learning tool, a platform can teach best practices. As a communications tool, the platform will deliver the right messages about your journey to become more sustainable to your external and internal stakeholders.

Our Dashboards reflect your current position on eWaste and guides you to achieve a footprint in line with the targets set by Paris Climate Agreement (2015).
A custom dashboard can track your progress towards the reduction and reuse of your electronics. The dashboard shows how you can reduce waste at each link in your supply chain.

What is XR?

The 'X' in XR represents a variety of digitally augmented realities.

Virtual Reality

VR shows you how to integrate safe behaviors into everyday activity.

Artificial Reality

AR offers a realistic setting to  show how HSSE works at all levels.

Mixed Reality

MR is ideal for INTERACTIVE learning with physical and digital products.

now you know

Why eWaste XR?

Regulators increasingly ask organizations to report on Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions. In the US, the Securities and Exchange Commission recently published guidance for large companies. In Europe, the Taxonomy requires financial companies to hold their customers accountable for damage their activities may do to the environment.

Scope 3 emissions
As organizations celebrate their path to 'net zero', Scope 3 emissions remain excluded from their calculations. Scope 3 emissions represent the majority of greenhouse gas emissions. The 15 Scope 3 emissions categories span a range of activities such as purchased goods and services, capital goods, fuel and energy related activities, transportation and distribution, waste generated in operations, business travel, employee commuting, leased assets, processing of sold products, use of sold products, end of life treatment of sold products, franchises, and investments.


If an organization determines that Scope 3 categories are 'immaterial', they do not have to address the categories in their report. Critics argue materiality is used as an excuse to avoid having to address or report Scope 3 emissions. Many organizations would like to report Scope 3 emissions but lack confidence and a strategy.

Organizations probably struggle to report on Scope 3 emissions due to the way they approach the problem. A category does not create greenhouse gas emissions. Neither the purchase of goods and services, nor employees who travel create climate change. It is the planet's inability to handle the waste that is created.

We believe your Scope 3 emissions reduction strategy should start by identifying the waste streams created within and by you supply chain. A credible strategy for determining materiality on Scope 3 emissions would involve

a.) an inventory of all of the waste streams it creates, and
b.) a calculation of the unabated or leftover emissions of each waste stream

The regulations treat waste as a separate theme to be addressed alongside climate change, biodiversity loss, freshwater scarcity, et al. Scope 3 emissions are the emissions which result from excessive waste. Waste is central to all of these considerations. Exhaust fumes from our cars creates carbon dioxide, a potent greenhous gas. Chemical waste pollutes our freshwater systems. Plastic waste in our oceans marine life. Fertilizer run off degrades the soil and destroys insect populations.

The major environmental reporting frameworks have yet to publish calculators or tools for organizations to use. For example, until recently, the GHG Protocol only supported the business travel category with a calculator for Scope 3. Consequently, many companies only report Scope 3 emissions for business travel. MobiCycle can help with Scope 3 reporting for electronic and electrical waste.

Full reporting
At MobiCycle, we encourage all companies to report Scope 3, and to do so across all 15 categories.  Full reporting across all Scope 3 emissions categories allows readers to compare your performance across industries and sectors. When readers can compare one organization to another, their trust in ESG reporting increases. Full Scope 3 reporting will encourage more organizations to report on Scope 3 categories.

Mixed Reality & the Metaverse or Omniverse
Working in the Metaverse will allow us to simulate ourselves and our environment. Internal auditors, business managers, procurement and ESG professionals will collaborate to understand Scope 3 emissions reporting. Imagine seeing the journey your electronics take, from manufacturing to recycling? The data within your reporting systems, coupled with digital twins or sensors attached to real devices, will allow you to understand your carbon footprint on a deeper level.

eWaste X Reality can train your employees on electronics repair and recycling. One of the most popular use cases for X Reality for organizations is around training. More immersive experiences for adult education make it easier to visualize complex concepts in a fraction of the time. Training also offers real time feedback. Knowledge retention improves by 75% when accompanied by visual and audio cues.

- photorealistic replicas of your electronics
- interactive content
- high fidelity digital goods
- digital twins (a virtual replica of a real-world product)
- three-dimensional, interactive content

What you can do with eWaste X Reality
- simulate emissions generated during the manufacturing process to inform your purchasing decisions
- identify which manufacturers have the lowest embedded emissions
- complex data analysis by pairing digital replicas with physical products and services, ESG reporting and financial reporting

Investors want to know what is being done to ensure your company will be around in the future, even if we live in a world that is 2 degrees Celsius warmer due to climate change. MobiCycle's X Reality applications allow you to stream experiences from the cloud without making a large infrastructure investment.

The eWaste X Reality Demo

The Environments

A Modern Workplace

Explore the GHG impacts of purchased goods and services and end of life treatment of sold products.

Manufacturing Plants

See how the manufacturing process creates the embedded emissions captured in your ESG reporting.

Home Offices

View and identify emissions generated by electronic equipment used at home working.

Retail Shops

View and identify emissions generated by electronic equipment used and sold in retail shops.

Use cases

The New ‘Amazon Effect’: Corporates Pushing Corporates for Net-Zero Supply Chains